… these are Peter, Andrea, Lilith, Ida, Mattis and Nino. We are a family from Austria who moved out in autumn 2015 to start a new life.

Peter and Andrea are Lilith and Ida’s parents and Mattis and Nino’s grandparents. So Lilith is the mother of Mattis and Nino.

David, Flora and Oscar are other children of Peter and Andrea, who live in Germany and Austria.

We who moved to Andalusia are people of three generations, grandparents, parents and children, an authentic team in what we aspire to.

We came to Andalusia with different experiences and knowledge, both practical and theoretical, knowing that we want to exchange ideas with the people and the land here.

We arrived in Vejer de la frontera from Austria on August 1st, 2015 with a backpack full of dreams, a high degree of everyday exhaustion, hopes and visions.

We came for a year to stay and with all our strength and joy to start a project that we are proud of every day.

We have a lot of humor, ideas and energy. We were lucky enough to have found a wonderful piece of nature, pure and untouched. A place where we are happy, where we want to share with others.

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