The association AMAMIC – Asscociacion Medioambiental mi Cielo has set itself the goal of setting up various activities on the subject of sustainable living on a 3 ha plot of land in southern Andalusia. Our claim is high quality in everything we think and do.

MiCielo offers retreats, as well as places for communication and movement. A place where you can laugh, dream, discuss, work together, harvest, cook and eat together, or just relax and unwind – everyone as he/she wants. Enjoy life itself! Recharge your batteries for the tasks of everyday life.
miCielo will never be static, it should move, change and grow. We want to observe and learn, always be in a process of exchange with our environment and people

People live and work in the sense of a natural cycle, courses are held, nature observation is made possible, cultivated, harvested, processed and also celebrated.
You can stay in extraordinarily beautiful tree houses, under pine trees, with a view of the landscape from a private terrace.
Children have always enriched our lives and so we are happy when many come to us with their parents and grandparents. We dream that all generations can feel comfortable, relax, learn and develop with us.

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